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Schedule a consultation and assessment appointment. This consultation will help determine if the Davis® Program will successfully address you or your child’s learning difficulties. Cost is $250.00. Allow three to four hours for the appointment.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation


A $300.00 to $600.00 deposit is required to reserve a program week at least 2 or 3 weeks before the program starts.

For the Davis® Program to be effective, a person must be personally motivated and willing to improve some aspect of learning or school performance. We also require that our clients be free of medications, and free of any major stressful life situation. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us at 850-218-5956 or 850-934-1389.

Paradise Learning Unlimited Services (PLUS) offers the following individualized Davis® Programs for children and adults:

Initial Consultation and Perceptual Ability Screening

This determines suitability of the Davis® Program.

If you or your child have been tested or diagnosed for a learning disability, please bring along the information or mail a copy before your appointment. Schoolwork examples are also very helpful. However, a separate diagnosis is not necessary.

Allow three to four hours.  This is a time to build rapport; to discuss strengths and to set goals for improvement.


Individualized Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program

1) The Program is facilitated one-on-one and is designed to meet your specific goals and areas for improvement.

2) Five consecutive days of one-to-one facilitation. The Davis Program is a one-week, intensive program – no weekly visits!  Support training for clients’ families, tutors or teachers is provided on the afternoon of the fifth day to ensure post-program follow-up and success.

3) Follow-up work is done independently – on your schedule and in your own home!  All necessary take-home materials for program follow-up.

4) It provides tools for focus, mental clarity, stress-management, energy-level management and skills that will ease reading, handwriting and composition difficulties.  An additional day of post-program Clay Clinic Sessions and unlimited phone consultations are included.


Davis Attention Mastery Program for people who are ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD is typically defined by deficits in attention; behavioral difficulties, and inappropriate energy levels in various situations. Equipped with the Davis tools, clients are taught how to self-monitor:

  • Focus/Attention (Orientation Counseling or Alignment)
  • Internal Energy-Levels
  • Stress-Management Techniques

In addition to these highly effective tools, clients of the Attention Mastery program master concepts that address behavioral/life situations, using the Davis Concept Mastery techniques. Some of these concepts include:

    • Self (How do I relate in this world and to others?)
    • Change
    • Consequence (How do my actions create consequences? — Good or bad!)
    • Cause/Effect (What caused this scenario to happen? What was the effect?)
    • Before/After
    • Time
    • Sequence
    • Order/Disorder (Executive Functioning)


Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners

Daily parent participation required.

The Davis Reading Program for Young Learners is designed for “at risk” children ages 5-7 years old. This parent-coached program prepares children with the essential tools to learn to focus and create solid foundations for learning language. Because parents are involved, they learn how best to help their children learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, and spelling for their future success.

You and your child will be guided through using clay and the Davis Symbol Mastery techniques to:

  • Master upper- and lower-case alphabet letters
  • Techniques to catch and resolve confusions with letters caused by shape (i.e. b, d, p, q), sounds, or letter formation
  • Gain awareness and understanding of basic punctuation marks
  • Learn fun and engaging ways to master those pesky “sight words”


Davis® Math Mastery Program

*Price may be lower if less time is needed or an additional program is completed.

Two weeks are required.

Math difficulties can be incredibly frustrating for everyone involved. Dyscalculia, the word used to describe “math dyslexia,” is actually very common.

Using clay, clients then look at math fundamentals, including:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • The base-ten system of numerals
  • Decimals

With this mastery comes the ability to understand the core parts of mathematics and, in turn, clients begin the process of working with numeric symbols on paper.



Discounts available for additional immediate family members that would benefit from a program.