Davis® Dyslexia

Program Facilitators


Rita H. Von Bon, M. Ed.



Tina M. Kirby, M. Ed.


PLUS is Beyond Tutoring!


We get to the root of the problem and show people how to learn using their preferred learning style.


Is reading or learning difficult?


Do you have to read something over and over to understand it?


Is writing tedious or difficult, even impossible?


How about math?  Is it hard to recall how to work a problem?


Do you have trouble remembering addition, subtraction or multiplication facts?







The Davis® Programs offer both children and adults a way to get to the root of the problem and solve it using their natural creative ability.  The multi-sensory approach offers people the opportunity to learn something in their learning style.  Many people like and need a hands-on approach.  Also, check out how to "Achieve Full Participation in Life with the Davis® Autism Approach" by visiting www.davisautism.com.


If you're a parent and you know, and have always known, that you have a bright, intelligent child, who for some reason isn't making it in school and you can't put a finger on it, contact Paradise Learning.

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